Moving a practice to a new state involves a lot of planning, and includes work that needs to be done on a website. When psychologist Sharon Tobler moved cross-country, Papyrus was ready to make visible and behind-the-scenes changes needed to help her build her clientele in California. In addition to search engine optimization, online directory and map listings, Papyrus built a mobile website for technology forward clients.

When a user visits any of Dr. Tobler’s sites from a mobile device, be it a tablet or phone, the site detects the visit and decides which site, mobile or full screen, is most appropriate for the device. The user can always override the decision. The mobile site also has phone specific capabilities — if a user is on a phone, the phone number is clickable, making it easy to call right from the page.

For client’s stuck in traffic, who want to make a quick call, or who need directions, the mobile site is there, when and where they need it.

Mobile Site