social media

You are Already on Social Media

Even if you have never created a single Facebook page, Yelp listing, or Google MyBusiness account, you are most likely already on each of these services. And people are leaving reviews on these “white pages” listings. Take control of the conversation about you online. 

The very least you need to do is claim these listings so that someone else doesn’t. 

But if you want, there is so much more you can do with social media.

Meet Your Client Where They Are

Whether it is online, on their phones, or on the street, being where your clients are keeps you top of mind these days. We can assist you in establishing a presence on the social networks where your customers work and play. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more all have specific markets, users and ways to spread the word. Harness the power of referrals by making it easy for them to tell their friends how great you are!

Play Nice

Social networks are not like advertising. If you are too heavy handed, you may end up ruining your reputation instead of helping it. Learning to engage and interact with customers, instead of preaching to them, is the key to being successful socially.

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