The Vines Community Association

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The Vines Community Association

The Vines Community Association has been a client for many years. Papyrus was happy to build an updated site for them that embraces the advances in technology, specifically responsive design, since their last site redesign. View the site at:

Royalty-free photos for social media and blog posts

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Royalty-free photos for social media and blog posts
stock photography

Great photography is increasingly important, as social media becomes a major point of contact for customers. While a quick Google search is simple, unfortunately it’s not legal. You risk receiving “take down” notices from companies who make more money by threatening lawsuits than they do selling the images in question.

So how do you find quality, risk and royalty free photos?

My top go-to sites are:


Pixabay has photos, illustrations, even video clips for free. A lot of European photos are available, if you have an international market. They even have an app for your mobile device.

How do they make money? You’ll notice a strip of photos from paid stock companies at the top and right of the results page.


In a short time, Unsplash has gone from an artsy photo boutique to a great source of quality photos that are much easier to search these days. They do ask you to credit the artists, but it’s not required. How do they make money – I really don’t know.

A slightly smaller scope, but for common themes, there are great photos here. They also have video available.

Similar to Pexels, Reshot has a smaller amount of photos, but they are high quality and include a lot of people shots.

Again, a trusty site for free, quality photographs on a limited number of topics.

There are some ways to search Google, Bing and Flickr for creative commons photos, but they don’t guarantee your right to use the image they way the two sites above do. Getty has a way to embed photos in blogs that give them credit. If you are a massive blogger, that may be worth signing up for. But for social media use, it’s not very helpful.

Be safe. Bookmark these sites and always check them first for appropriate images.

And just so you know, I am not an affiliate and get nothing out of recommending these sources.

ECCL: A Civic Advocacy Organization

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ECCL: A Civic Advocacy Organization
Estero Today 2020

Since 2004, Papyrus Document & Design has worked with the ECCL to educate, inform, and inspire residents to lead and protect their community. Papyrus has provided website design and maintenance, email distribution, social media and print services. Our latest project was a series of updates to the site designed to reflect recent changes to the organization itself on

Village of Estero

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Village of Estero

Village of Estero

Since before its official inception as a municipality in Florida in 2015, Papyrus has been providing online services for the Village of Estero. Over the years the site has evolved, incorporating live streaming of meetings, online form submission and processing, calendaring, and instruction for the many services the Village provides. As a result, when health conditions required that the staff work behind closed doors, the online handling of a great deal of Village business was already in place. In 2020, the Village adopted an official seal, and the incorporation of that branding was concluded quickly and smoothly.

Estero Historical Society

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Estero Historical Society

Long time client Estero Historical Society wanted to come out of the pandemic era with a fresh look and feel online. Papyrus was happy to bring a brighter, more efficient style to their website, while highlighting the expanding opportunities for the public to interact with history on their property. View the website at

Cape Coral Stamp Club

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Cape Coral Stamp Club
Cape Coral Stamp Club Home Page

The largest stamp club in Southwest Florida decided a site redesign was in order to promote new services and attract new members. Papyrus Document & Design provided a vibrant, but easy to use site for active group. Visit their site at

Top 10 tips for better email subject lines

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Top 10 tips for better email subject lines
subject lines
  1. Use 4-7 words, with the first two words being the most important. 
    Why? Cell phone users (50% of readers) only see the first few words. Gmail shortens words longer than 6 characters. 
  2. Use the pre-header text. Make it different than the subject line.
    Why? Mobile readers see the pre-header even if they don’t see the end of your subject line.
  3. Don’t put your name in the subject line.
    Why? It’s in the from field already.
  4. Don’t use generic terms like “newsletter”.
    Why? It conveys no information.
  5. Do not: write in all caps, use the word FREE, or use excess punctuation!!!
    Why? Spam filters will block your email.
  6. Use personalization, Kim.
    Why? People love to see their own names.
  7. Be specific about the benefit of reading the email. 
    Why? Readers need to know why they should bother.
  8. Ask a question or accurately imply urgency.
    Why? A deadline or intriguing question will encourage opens. 
  9. Use numbers and appropriate emojis.
    Why? Specific and unique subject lines are more effective.
  10. Use brackets to categorize [Reminder] .
    Why? Provides context efficiently.

These tips brought to you from a webinar with MailChimp, a freemium mailing list manager. 

Family Consultation Services

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Family Consultation Services

Family Consultation Services helps individuals and organizations navigate the issues of life and relationships, and reach their goals. Papyrus Document & Design, LLC designed this custom site to reflect their custom services.

Higginbotham Custom Homes

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Higginbotham Custom Homes

Higginbotham Custom Homes in Jacksonville, Florida meets the unique needs and wants of their clients with an attention to service that brings customers back. They needed a custom site to represent their devotion to quality and personal attention.

ADA Compliance

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ADA Compliance
ADA symbol

A recent wave of lawsuits against website owners claiming violation of ADA compliance has spread from government agencies and national chains to smaller retailers. If you have a physical location, or sell online, you are likely to become a target sooner rather than later.

These lawsuits are seeking attorney’s fees and injunctions to make the sites ADA complaint. These are not typically from individual customers. Single defendants are filing hundreds of lawsuits at a time – and most are coming from the east coast of Florida.

What does it take to have an ADA compliant website?

  1. Add an accessibility policy to the website. State that you endeavor to be ADA compliant and welcome feedback from users. This shows awareness and good faith.
  2. Make adjustments and additions to the website that users who cannot see, or cannot use a mouse, can navigate the site, understand the content, and receive the same services. Low to Medium Cost based on site size and platform.
  3. Analyze the amount and complexity of pdfs on the site, and remediate any that are necessary to keep. Medium to High cost depending on number and content. Requires Adobe Acrobat Pro or similar software.
  4. Videos should be captioned and audio should be transcribed. These are targets particularly if you are sharing public meetings. YouTube can sometimes do this for you automatically but accuracy is an issue. Medium – High Cost depending on quantity and length of videos.
  5. If you use third party vendors/software on your site, like a online store, find out whether they are compliant or not, if you link to a third party site that is branded to appear as yours, make users aware that they are leaving your site.
  6. Train editors on tagging images and attachments. Your site can be compliant one day and not compliant the next if new content is not handled correctly.

My Recommendation
I highly recommend that all sites add an accessibility policy to their website, even if it does not claim to be ADA compliant but does offer users a way to contact you on the matter. However, you cannot become ADA compliant simply by telling users to call you, unless you have a 24/7 manned phone line that CAN provide all the same services that are on the website.

Keep In Mind
Being non-compliant does not mean your site is unusable to the disabled, it simply means it doesn’t comply to every single technical detail listed in the ADA specifications. Unfortunately, actual usability has little to do with the sites being targeted for lawsuits.

Online Resources.

Want to check out your site yourself?  You can go to this website (, enter your web address, and see how each page fares. Only the red flags are errors.

What are the standards?
These standards were written as “best-case” scenarios for disabled users and are quite strict. The Courts adopted them wholesale, and this is catching a lot of third party vendors off guard. Do not assume your online partners are compliant.

Knoll’s Court Waterfront Motel

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Knoll’s Court Waterfront Motel

When new owners bought and renovated a Matlacha motel which had been active since the 1950s, they turned to Papyrus to provide a site that reflected both the extensive updating done to the site, as well as their dedication to its historic roots. Papyrus delivered a visually striking introduction so potential visitors know to expect vast waterfront vistas, great fishing, and retro Florida style. Visit the site at

Knoll's Court Waterfront Motel in Matlacha, Florida

Florida Fountains & Equipment

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Florida Fountains & Equipment

Florida Fountains websiteFlorida Fountains and Equipment manufactures and installs pond and lake fountains throughout Florida. They also install and service aeration systems for all sizes of water bodies. They needed a site update to showcase their product and services. The result is!

Ramer Fishing Charters

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Ramer Fishing Charters

Captain Ramer Charter FishingCaptain Jason Ramer wanted to update the look of his website, with room to expand. Papyrus gave his existing content a new look, multi-page navigation, and a plan for growth. Check out the site at

Clear Creek Ranch Elk Hunting

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Clear Creek Ranch Elk Hunting

Clear Creek Hunting Lodge in New MexicoClear Creek Ranch offers first class Elk Hunting in northern New Mexico. To share the opportunities with potential clients, they hired Papyrus to give hunters a visual preview of what they can expect. Check out the site at .

Google pressures sites to encrypt data

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Google pressures sites to encrypt data

Google has been considering security as a ranking measurement for some time, checking to see if a website encrypts collected information and downgrading sites that don’t. But starting in July 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will mark any site with an input field as “Not Secure” if it does not use an SSL Certificate to encrypt data.

Chrome has a 48.6% market share, and the input field could be as simple as a search box, a contact form, or a login panel.

Here’s the difference between how a site appears now, how it will appear starting in July, and how a secured site appears in the address bar of the Chrome browser.
Screenshot of non-ssl site in Chrome

Screenshot of ssl site in Chrome

While it is not fair to be labeled “not secure” when you are not collecting information from anyone, that’s what will happen. Many businesses are getting SSL certificates now to keep that label off their sites.

An SSL Certificate typically runs about $100/yr and needs to be reinstalled to the server each time it is renewed. You can pay for multiple years at a time and you can add a “protected” badge to your site to reassure users that your data is encrypted. Some websites will also require some “behind the scenes” updates to make sure all data on the site uses the encryption.

If you want to secure your site with an SSL before this change takes affect, contact me. It’s better to have this handled before the fact.

My recommendation: if you sell products online or off, collect donations online, or have sign-up forms on your website, you will probably want an SSL, even if you use a secured payment processor (like Paypal).