Finally, a real “press item” that says what I’ve wanted to tell clients for years – quit using Internet Explorer 6. The June 7, 2010 issue of “Information Week” recommends upgrading or replacing the now 9-year-old internet browser for security reasons. It’s age and lack of modern defenses makes it an easy target for hackers. I dislike it because it is not compliant with current web standardsand makes designing a consistent interface almost impossible. The web has chagned a lot in 9 years. If your browser is 9 years old, you aren’t seeing the web the way you should. Yet over 25% of web users are still using this antiquated technology.

What options do you have if you are still using IE6?

You have a world of choices now as far as browsers go. If you are happy with IE6, then upgrade to IE8. Or try major competitors Firefox or Google Chrome or even Apple’s Safari. I don’t care which browser you use, just make it somewhat recent for security and aesthetic reasons. Oh, and while we’re on the subject; if you are using AOL’s browser, just stop. Use AOL if you want to connect, just launch your own web browser once you are connected. AOL is notorious for saving themselves bandwidth by caching pages (serving you old data) rather than checking for and downloading the current version of a web page. In this age of twitter, et al, old data just won’t do.