subject lines
  1. Use 4-7 words, with the first two words being the most important. 
    Why? Cell phone users (50% of readers) only see the first few words. Gmail shortens words longer than 6 characters. 
  2. Use the pre-header text. Make it different than the subject line.
    Why? Mobile readers see the pre-header even if they don’t see the end of your subject line.
  3. Don’t put your name in the subject line.
    Why? It’s in the from field already.
  4. Don’t use generic terms like “newsletter”.
    Why? It conveys no information.
  5. Do not: write in all caps, use the word FREE, or use excess punctuation!!!
    Why? Spam filters will block your email.
  6. Use personalization, Kim.
    Why? People love to see their own names.
  7. Be specific about the benefit of reading the email. 
    Why? Readers need to know why they should bother.
  8. Ask a question or accurately imply urgency.
    Why? A deadline or intriguing question will encourage opens. 
  9. Use numbers and appropriate emojis.
    Why? Specific and unique subject lines are more effective.
  10. Use brackets to categorize [Reminder] .
    Why? Provides context efficiently.

These tips brought to you from a webinar with MailChimp, a freemium mailing list manager.