Mobile Website Design

cc-mobile screen capture_smallYour website should be, too!

Over half of American adults use smartphones*, and many people are using phones as their primary connection to the Internet. Your mobile web site design should look right and function correctly on all devices.

In addition, Google is now down-grading the rankings of websites that are not mobile friendly!

Mobile optimized web sites can replicate your entire site, or provide quick and easy contact information. Features not to miss:

  • Click to call on phone numbers
  • Touch control buttons and navigation
  • Interactive maps for GPS enabled phones
  • Automatic browser size detection and adjustment
  • Flexible mobile vs full screen user control

Users who are on the road or comfortable on the sofa want to be able to view your site without a full computer. Push to call buttons and personalized directions keep you from losing business and increase customer confidence.


Papyrus has developed multiple types of mobile web sites. Some sites are best served with responsive designs that resize to fit the browser window. Other sites only need a mobile-friendly set of pages.

*56% of American adults are now smartphone owners. (Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2013)