Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine OptimizationMaking your web site friendly to both users and search engines is essential. Sites designed by Papyrus Document & Design include search engine optimization features such as tagging images and links, and page titles; meta tags; css formatting; and proper keyword usage. Most search engine fixes are invisible to the user. They involve the code that describes the site to search engines without compromising design or user experience.

Safe, Not Sorry

We don’t believe in using tricks or hacks for search engine placement. It’s not necessary and your site usually gets punished in the long run. We use keyword research, meticulous coding, custom tagging, and smart editing to have your site show up for appropriate searches.

No Fine-Print Promises

We are not an advertising house that promises you placement for a long (and rarely searched) phrase. We provide industry best practices for search engine optimization, which almost always benefits the customer placement greatly. In crowded industries, #1 placements require advertising. Call us for a custom evaluation of your placement.

Track Record

We have several clients who placed in the top 3 for their keywords on major search engines — without ongoing costs, advertising, or black hat coding.

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