Why free does not equal worthless online

You get what you pay for has a lot of truth in it, but that doesn’t mean that in every instance, a service or information provided or obtained at no charge has no value. In fact, there can be a lot to gain from utilizing and/or providing services and knowledge for free.

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What you need to know about your domain.

The importance of your domain name registration information cannot be overstated. Your domain name, (i.e. url, yourstore.com) is the online equivalent to the title to your business. You would never misplace an important document like that. Don’t lose track of your domain. How could that happen? It’s as simple as changing your e-mail address and failing to notify your domain name registrar*. When they try to notify you that your domain is expiring, you don’t get the message. Before you know it, your web site isn’t showing and you’re jumping through hoops and...

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