Top 10 tips for better email subject lines

Use 4-7 words, with the first two words being the most important. Why? Cell phone users (50% of readers) only see the first few words. Gmail shortens words longer than 6 characters.  Use the pre-header text. Make it different than the subject line.Why? Mobile readers see the pre-header even if they don’t see the end of your subject line. Don’t put your name in the subject line.Why? It’s in the from field already. Don’t use generic terms like “newsletter”.Why? It conveys no information. Do not: write in all caps,...

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ADA Compliance

A recent wave of lawsuits against website owners claiming violation of ADA compliance has spread from government agencies and national chains to smaller retailers. If you have a physical location, or sell online, you are likely to become a target sooner rather than later. These lawsuits are seeking attorney’s fees and injunctions to make the sites ADA complaint. These are not typically from individual customers. Single defendants are filing hundreds of lawsuits at a time – and most are coming from the east coast of Florida. What does it take to have an ADA compliant website? Add...

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Google pressures sites to encrypt data

Google has been considering security as a ranking measurement for some time, checking to see if a website encrypts collected information and downgrading sites that don’t. But starting in July 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will mark any site with an input field as “Not Secure” if it does not use an SSL Certificate to encrypt data. Chrome has a 48.6% market share, and the input field could be as simple as a search box, a contact form, or a login panel. Here’s the difference between how a site appears now, how it will appear starting in July,...

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